Friday, January 21, 2011

Mother To Be

So this weekend i am nannying a family of four children. Wow. Now i know why mom's are addicted to Diet Coke. I am so tired! And it's only 11:17 p.m. During Christmas break, when all of my nieces and nephews were here i kept on thinking how excited i was to be a mom one day. Well, i'm here to tell you i can definitely wait a while.

One reason being....i have been driving this beauty:
Just so you know, i will never own a minivan. However, this is surprisingly a really nice car. I feel like a mom when i drive it. When i got in it, i felt like i needed to go get a diet coke to put in my cup holder. Today, when all 5 of us got in the car i started talking to kids when i was backing out and i couldn't figure out why none of them were responding to what i was saying. So i looked in my rearview mirror and found they had all immediately put their headsets in watching their own personal movies on the back of the chairs. I just started laughing. P.S. it's really overwhelming to look in the rearview mirror and see 2 rows of children. I won't do that. I will only have 1 row. Just for the record.

So today i gave the kids an after school snack, took Kira to swim team, took the boys to get haircuts, picked Kira back up, made them dinner, played battleship with the kids, rented a movie, and got them to bed. I'm such a mom.
Tomorrow i am taking Brianne to a birthday party, and Trevor has to be to karate at the same time as the Birthday party (sheesh), and then going to Trevors Jr. Jazz game, and then Kira has dance tomorrow night. Again, i'm such a mom.

It's kind of fun to do this every once in a while...but I'm glad i'll be done after tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi Linds...
    I must say that a van may seem a little geeky...however, being the proud owner of 3 minivans...they are the most functional car! I begged for a fourth but Troy wouldn't hear of it because they totally embarrass him too! Didn't you love how you just push the button for the back doors and the kids just hop in and out? I love how they are somewhat small and easy to park anywhere! They remind you every day of your most important job...a mother! So, if someday you end up driving a minivan, I promise to never make fun of you!!!