Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Here I Am!

Did any of you think this day would really come? I didn't think so. I still can't believe i talked myself into the blog world! On Sunday night I was talking to my brother Rob, and his wife Jess, on the phone and i told them i was starting a blog and their responses went something like this...

So after ALL that encouragement, i still did it!

Here is the real story of why i decided to do this...
So one Wednesday morning, (like a month ago) I was sitting at work early in the morning. We had all just got to the office and were just talking about about who knows what before our patients came. One of my dear friends, Natalie, who is our hygienist on Wednesdays walked in (she is always full of fun surprises when she comes) with these HUGE books. They were books that she had for both of her little girls that she had made from her blog posts from the past year. I was amazed! It was such a cool book of everything they did and all their little fun family moments. I spent like the next 2 hours at work just looking through those books. From that moment on... i decided that since i am the WORST journal keeper ever...i need to try a blog that way i can have somewhat of a history when i die. So here i am. Still 6 feet tall, and the biggest blonde ever. Read or don't read, i don't really care. I just want my big book of life like Natalie's! :) 


  1. that is why i keep posting too. I have never seen one of those in person, only online. They look freaking awesome. I am waiting until I hit 100 posts and then I'm going to have one done. Will you find out where she had hers done and how much it costs and stuff? I'm way close to 100

  2. hey linds! i am so glad you have now joined the blogging world! I LOVE your blog its so cute! i absolutely love your picture collogeish thing at the top! its so cute!