Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School? Really?

So it is officially my last day of Summer today! School starts at 8:00 tomorrow morning. Yuck. I'm not even going to think about it until I am actually driving there. There are probably a million reasons why i am dreading it so badly, but here are just a few...

1. Rob and Jess won't be there anymore. Who am i going to study in the library with....go to friday devotionals with....sit and talk with when i don't even want to study? I never was able to go to the same school as any family member until i got to college, and it just hit me...i really am going to miss seeing my brother at school!
2. I have my Physiology lab on Thursday nights. This is a HUGE issue. This is why: my friend Angela Hart got me hooked on bunco this summer! She has a group that she plays with once a month, and she has let me come for the past two months while i was out of school. It is seriously a riot. Last month i think my blood pressure exceeded 180/90 during the game. It was the last round and me and my friend Liz were tied for having the most bunco's. Neither of us got bunco on the last round, so we had to have a bunc-off to see who would get the $25 prize. guess what? WE TIED THE BUNC-OFF! So we had to have a double bunc-off. This was intense! I was seriously sweating, while i had like 5 girls over my head just counting for me so i could roll really fast! While i was speed rolling, one of my dice fell off the table...and needless to say, i lost. It was so disappointing. So anyways, Bunco night is this Thursday again and i'm having a really hard time facing the fact that i can't go. I'll get over it.
3. I have no life when i am in school! I wake up...go to school, go to work, go to school, go to bed...and do the whole thing over again 5 days a week.
4. I get chubby because i never have time to work out..and my diet consists of cereal, granola bars, pb & honey sandwiches, and crackers every day! I may try and mix that up this semester.
5. I just realized i only accomplished like 2 things on my summer bucket list. Thats just sad.
6. I don't have a summer tan to show off.

There actually are a few reasons why i am like .2% excited to start school....
1. I start Institute again! I have always loved Institute. I just registered today, and i'm taking "Parables of Jesus". I am really excited and i know it really helps me to break away from school for an hour and focus on Christ.
2. Fathers Blessings! I always love the beginning of the school year, and opportunity i have to get a blessing from my dad! It is always a special experience for me, and always gives me an incredible amount of motivation, and a knowledge that i can do anything i need or want to do! I am grateful i can go to my dad at ANYTIME i need a blessing, and he is always there ready and willing. What would i do without my daddy?
3. I can't think of another good reason...

Anyways, it's a school night so i'm off to bed!


  1. Lins, you are so darling...I love this post. You will look back when you are my age and love everything you wrote! I laughed out loud when you mentioned the chubby part! I don't think your body understands chubby! Good luck in school!

  2. binsey... your #1 made me soooo sad. I wanna go to friday devotionals... and i wanna see you more in my life. ugh. I LOVE YOU