Saturday, September 18, 2010

Heaven On Earth

There have been a couple things that have been on my mind lately...and one of them is how beautiful the world is! I have to admit, my morning is my favorite time of the day. I used to always complain about how early i have to wake up, but lately i have had some really meaningful moments in my mornings.There is nothing i love more than driving to school or work, and seeing the sun ready to come up over the mountain. The clouds and sky always look so beautiful. My morning drive is my perfect 'me' time. I can think about real things that i don't really have time to think about during the day when i'm studying, or sitting in class, or working. I think about the simple things in life that i am so grateful for. A couple of weeks ago, i had just gotten to work and it was about 7 am. There was a bunch of trash that needed to be taken out to the dumpsters, and so as i was walking outside...i looked up at the mountain and it seriously was breathtaking. The clouds were like red/pink/purple! It's morning like this that give me a 'I can do this! I can get through this day!' It's morning like this that i can't help but think of my heavenly father.
Last and my roomates went up to park city to do some shopping, and as we were going through provo canyon, i could not get over how beautiful it was! All of the fall leaves were changing colors and i was seriously soo happy! This is my favorite time of year! So tonight, me and Jordy took the Jeep...and we decided to drive the Alpine Loop. For me to say it was a major understatement! About half way through our drive, when i couldn't stop talking about how beautiful everything was, Jordy said to me "If you think this is pretty, imagine what the celestial kingdom is going to be like!" That got me thinking about heaven...and how we tend to forget little 'heaven on earth' experiences here. It got me thinking about a few things that are 'heaven on earth' for me....
-Heaven came down to earth for me tonight, as i saw how beautiful the mountains are. Heavenly father really created all of this for us! We are so lucky!
-Heaven comes down to earth for me when i am in the temple! I honestly cannot wait to go through one day. I know it will be a special day for me. Being the youngest in my family...i will be lucky to have my entire family in the temple with me when i go through. Picturing my entire family in the Celestial room together is heaven on earth!
-Heaven comes down to earth for me when i get to hang out with my entire family! Unfortunately, this doesn't happen very often with all my siblings living in Texas and Idaho. But there isn't anything i love more than playing with my nieces and nephews...and hanging out with my brothers and sisters & inlaws. They are all such great examples to me, and i often feel like i have it so easy...because i have such good examples to follow, and mentors to help me through everything.
We're gonna have to wait until Christmas to get a family picture of everyone together... but here are some random ones i found...
My oldest brother Steve and his family! I am so excited they are moving to Idaho now, so i can see them more often! I just love them. Steve is my most protective brother..and i always act like i don't like it, but i secretly love it.
My brother Jon, and his cute wife Lisa..and my Mommy! These people are the greatest examples to me! I wish i could be as good as them! This is at Jon's graduation from Baylor College of Denistry. He is now a Pediatric Dentist! My parents have always supported all of us siblings in everything. They wouldn't miss a night like this for the world. Jon and Lisa have the 3 cutest boys that you've ever seen!

Aren't these girls adorable? Well they belong to these two...
(these 3 photos courtesy of My sister and her husband! I miss them so much! Seriously, i could hang out with my sister for my entire life and not get sick of her. She is the coolest.
My brother Rob dog, and his wife Jessica! I love them! They are crazy. They just abandoned me this summer to live in Texas for Dental School too...and i'm still adjusting to Sunday dinner without them. Now it's just me, mom & dad. It's a HUGE party.
Last but not least, my daddy! I think this is a great picture of him. It says much about him. :) He really is the greatest daddy in the world!

I know this was long...but i just wanted to share. Life is good! I'll stop.


  1. awww. lindsey you are so cute. pretty sure i felt the spirit when i read your blog. now we are even. (:

    love you!

  2. How fun to learn about your family! You are so darling and so enjoyable to be with! Thanks for reminding me about our little heavens on earth!

  3. Love ya lindsay thanks for the shower and putting up with that crazy movie, I love your blog and you have an amazing family!

  4. Linds - I love your blog! Thanks for putting me in your first post ever - I feel very honored! Love ya girl and glad I get to see you at least once a week - and now even more cause I can spy on your blog!

  5. love. love. love. love. this post. furrr reals...