Saturday, September 11, 2010

practice what you preach?

I hate flossing! You may think this is funny, but no one understands how hard it is for me! My biggest problem is that i hate sticking my hands in my own mouth. When i do floss, i have to be at work, and i HAVE to have gloves on. Is that weird? I feel like a terrible person when i tell patients at work all day long, to make sure they are flossing well to prevent cavities. I'm such a hypocrite. Anyways, so during July me and my friend Andrea at work made a flossing chart...and we had a competition to see who flossed the most during the month.
I obviously lost! But i'm super proud of 9 days i did floss! I will get better...i promise!


  1. I go to an amazing dentist with an incredible staff and they give out travel size floss. It would work perfectly for Lake Powell. I'll let you borrow mine for next year. I am very proud of the days you did floss!!

  2. bahaha I suck at flossing too! I used to always floss at LPD, but now that I'm at another office I hardly ever floss...because I hate to go into the back with crying children.

    I get so mad at Shawn for not flossing...